Traditionally, uniform suppliers were able to tell their corporate uniform customers only limited information about the status of their uniform programs because the information systems in use just do not track transactions by the employee. Iterum’ qUniform addresses that and more! Now corporate uniform customers can know exactly what uniform components or equipment each employee received, and what they are still entitled to receive.

qUniform is a unique web-based uniform management system designed to simplify and coordinate the complex tasks involved in managing corporate uniform programs. qUniform is unique in its ability to manage and report on employee allotments.

qUniform handles the entire process from online ordering and status lookups at the employee level or manager, through tracking uniform distribution and reporting on contract progress.

Customers always have access to their data and reports, and employees or their managers can create uniform requisitions or manage their profiles from their offices or homes using any standard Internet web browser.

If you would like to know more about qUniform or how we can help your company realize its online goals, please contact us at sales@Iterumsoftware.com or 1-514-556-2533 or visit the qUniform website.

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