Are you hosting a conference with numerous speakers and expecting countless participants? Then you need the one piece of software that makes running a conference or symposium exceptionally smooth – qConference.

qConference, the ultimate customizable conference portal, ties together all of the various tools you need to ensure that your conference or symposium is a success. These include:

Conference Website - Each conference will have its own “website”, the content of which is manageable by the conference Chairman or the system Administrator. It is possible to associate a distinct domain name with a particular conference, or the site can be accessed through the general site with a conference code

Presenter and attendee registration - The system will provide the possibility for presenters and attendees to register for a conference online as a configurable option at the conference setup level. The system will also print badges and accept payment.

Session management – among its many options, administrators can manage all of the details including assigning session dates, times and rooms to individual presenters. Administrators will also have the ability to quickly and seamlessly reassign any of the session details.

Presenter materials upload - A presenter will be able to upload materials for the session(s) they are assigned to. The material will be tied into the specific session and can be designated public or private as managed by the Administrator. Delete and update any material as needed.

Reporting – a variety of reports are available for the conference organizer and the administrator

If you would like to know more about qConference or how we can help your company realize its online goals, please contact us at or 1-514-556-2533.

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